MACTA has always been enthusiastic in organizing variety activities. Often its activities are oriented at the welfare of its members and at the same time very much useful and beneficial for the common people as well. We have also been lending a helping hand for different charitable activities.

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MACTA has always been keen to provide financial assistance in emergency as well as to acknowledge the educational achievements of member's children. There are as on March 2001, 1047 members in MACTA. Directors, script writers, lyricists, music directors, play back singers, cinematographers, choreographers, editors, make-up artists, costume designers, publicity artists, still photographers, public relations officers, lab technicians, sound recordists and such 14 categories are eligible for membership in MACTA.

A housing scheme for members is being finalised in Thiruvanthapuram, Eranakulam and Kozhikode. Other facilities like preferential consideration and discount for treatment in selected hospitals, Special concessions in margin free shops, Asianet cable connection, and selected School notebook shops are being made available to members. Efforts are going on to get concessional rates for the stay of MACTA members in Government Guest houses for attending Film festivals besides travel concession to Journey to and fro. We have represented to the Government to allot a major portion of the land at the Ajanda studio premises at Alwaye to MACTA. Publication of a few books on Cinema in association with the Chalachitra Academy is also being planned. The first of which will be Gurupooja, a book in three volumes paying tributes to and evading the works of all the thespians we have honored with honorary membership with a preface by Sri. M.T.Vasudevan Nair.

The insurance coverage now available to the members have benefited 13 members with an amount of Rs. 9,58,088 being disbursed as claim settlement. The journal 24 FAMES being published by association has been widely appreciated. MACTA continues to make its lively presence felt in seminars and discussions organized by Soorya, Chalachitra, Kerala State Film Development Corporation, Chalachitra Academy and other similar agencies.

MACTA already organized several events and workshop to enhance the academic knowledge of existing movie technicians and the fresh talents interested to grow with Malayalam movie industry. Macta conducted regular workshops on screen play writing, movie direction and other areas of movie making with the whole hearted participation of popular celebrities and fraternities from Malayalam movie industry as well as Indian & World movie industry.

Sangeetha Sangamam

MACTA organized a mega event "Sangeetha Sangamam" in association with the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of Malayalam Film Music. The function was aimed at honoring veteran music directors, lyricists and playback singers. The event was hailed as an all time spectacular show, the best of its kind in Asia. The event was conducted again for raising funds for Gujarat Rehabilitation.

MACTA Film Festival

MACTA organized a seven-day festival of classic films from masters of World Cinema at Thiruvananthapuram with the kind co-operation of KSFDC under the leadership of its dynamic MD, Mr. K.Jayakumar. In the first International Film Festival held by the state government, the members of MACTA participated actively, which heralded the welcome practice of the lively and regular participation of the mainstream filmmakers in Film Festivals. The association was fully involved in the International film festivals of Kerala held by the state government in the years 1996 to 2000 and ensured the whole hearted participation of all wings of the film Industry.


Pranamam was a show organized by MACTA on 28th August 1999 for raising funds for martyrs of Kargil War. An amount of over rupees one crore was raised. MACTA has also raised funds for rehabilitation in post quake Gujarat and is now planning to conduct yet another programme for providing pension for artistes and technicians.

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MACTA is the first formal organization formed by the creative technicians of Malayalam Motion Picture Industry.

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